With decades of experience, V-Tronix by Shakespeare is a leading UK Manufacturer of antennas for land-based applications. We are a major
supplier to the UK and European utility providers, radio equipment installers and consumer product manufacturers, and have worked closely
with cellular service providers. V-Tronix custom makes and packages a range of Base Station, Mobile and Portable antennas for a variety
of applications.

Base Station

Our rugged, heavy-duty Base Station antennas are customarily mounted in areas that are difficult to access.
They are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor exposure to last for many years.


Our fully water-sealed land mobile antennas are designed for field equipment. They are made in a range of styles
to accommodate many frequency bands and bandwidths. These antennas are often used by utility companies for data
monitoring from remote sites, and used on smaller consumer units and inside and outside buildings to relay data.


Our portable antennas are small units for use on handheld devices, portable radios and small
radio equipment.

Whatever your application, V-Tronix will endeavor to supply the land antennas you require in a cost effective
and expert way. If you have any specialized antenna requirements please contact us and we will endeavor
to produce a product to your specifications, working with YOU to meet your needs.


Your first choice for a UK antenna supplier, Shakespeare leads the world in marine antenna manufacture.
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